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Cauliflower Fagioli

Ingredients: 1 head cauliflower (cut into flowerettes, boiled set aside), 1 bunch chopped kale , 1 chopped onion, 1 chopped carrot, 1 chopped celery stalk, 4 chopped cloves garlic, 28 oz diced tomatoes, 14 oz drained canelli beans, 1 cup IWBW Chardonnay Cook: Saute carrots, celery, onion, till soft add garlic & kale continue till kale wilts.… Continue Reading

Summer Stew

Ingredients: Green or yellow beans, summer squash, baby potatoes, spinach or kale, 3 tomatoes, fresh herbs, onion, & garlic. Prep: Cut potatoes, beans, and squash into bite size pieces, boil and set aside. Dice tomatoes and onions, mince garlic, wash and chop spinach (kale) and set aside. Cook: Heavy skillet over medium heat, ad 3… Continue Reading

IWBW Brussel Sprouts

Ingredients: 1 lb fresh Brussel Sprouts, ½ sweet onion, Olive Oil, Ground Black Pepper, Sea Salt (Kosher Salt), Cast Iron Skillet with a cover Cook: Chop the stems off the sprouts, halve them if they are smallquarter them if they are large. Dice the onion. Bring the skillet to medium heat. Coat the bottom of the skillet with olive oil about… Continue Reading