Grilled Pizza

A relaxing summer time meal.


Fresh Dough make or purchase (let rise), Olive Oil, diced garlic, fresh herbs (parsley, basil, rosemary) add all to1/4c  oil. Toppings; tomatoes (sliced or diced, mushrooms (sliced), provolone cheese (sliced)


Set grill to medium low heat. Separate dough into thirds, work the first piece into a pizza, brush with seasoned olive oil and place on grill. Repeat with second and third dough pieces. When the first pizza is slightly browned on the bottom, flip and place toppings (but not cheese). Repeat with pizza 2 & 3. When pizzas are cooked (nicely toasted on bottom) add cheese, reduce heat and allow to melt.


I like to use wood chips for added smoke flavor when grilling pizza. Any topping should work, we just like to keep it simple. Pairs well with White Barn Red (chilled)

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