Our Story

How We Got Here

When your 401K becomes a 201K for the second time in six years, you get the feeling you might better enjoy what you do for a living because you will be doing it for a long time. Thus in 2008 Lorraine and I decided to stop talking about, and start building, our future.

What is different about us? That question has been posed many times. The first thing that passed through my mind was ‘Us” or more completely “our approach.” White Barn Winery is an expression of how Lorraine and I approach life, what we value and how we like to be treated.

Part old, part new, age old processes blended with new technology, traditional and newly released varietals, combined with hard work & customer service, produce quality products & a few laughs along the way.

We take great pride in our winery and farm, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We will never be the biggest and may not achieve greatness in competition. We are a fun place to visit, with great products at reasonable prices. White Barn Winery – good wines and good times.

“I don’t live in a barn, I just work in one.”
~ Lorraine Izzo