Pork for 100

This month’s recipe is shamelessly easy although it does take 10 hours.

1 pig roaster (rented, borrowed or fabricated), hard wood (apple, maple, hickory), charcoal, charcoal starter, 100Lb roasting pig

0530 pick up roasting partner and depart for Ed & Jean’s market. 0600 arrive Ed & Jean’s, load pig in roaster. 0615 depart Ed & Jean’s with pig, coffee and apple fritter doughnuts (breakfast of champions). 0630 arrive IWBW. 0645 light charcoal. 0700 load hot coals in roaster add hardwood over the coals, consume the requisite shock of bourbon. 0710-1500, watch roaster temp, open vents and add wood as needed, consume bourbon as needed. 1600, reduce heat in roaster and wonder if the pig is cooked? 1630, dismember pig allow to cool. 1645, pull pork, sauce, consume beer. 1700, slice or chop what you can’t pull. 1715-1900 enjoy the fruits of thy labor with friends and family. 2000, leave smokie pork fat encrusted clothing in garage upon arrival home. 2015, shower. 2020, begin planning next “pork for 100”

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