Simply Scampi


Running low on time? If you said yes, try this recipe. Commonly found frozen mussels in butter & garlic along with a generous amount of IWBW Seyval makes for a quick and easy, delicious meal.



Frozen Mussels in garlic and butter sauce (BJs Wholesale), IWBW Seyval, Linguini, basil, parsley, rosemary (fresh preferred, use what you have)


Start water to cook linguini. Place mussels into sauce pan and add at least 1/2 bottle IWBW Seyval on low heat. When the linguini goes into the water  raise heat on the mussels watching until all shells open, then reduce. Drain Pasta, add Mussel/Seyval mixture, top with chopped herb of convenience.


Serve with grated romano cheese, crusty bread and more seyval. This will tast like it took a lot more effort than did.

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